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This blog is a safe place for all people no matter their gender/sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, racial backgrounds, cultural background, or political views.

This blog is here to defend all reproductive choices, help/support those who need it, provide information on comprehensive sexual education, and help provide people with resources for whatever choice they may choose.

**Our URL is not to say we are against those who are pro-life, it's about those who actively try to strip us of our reproductive rights they should not have a voice in this debate revolving around people's personal health care choices.
**We do not tolerate ableist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other types of oppressive language.

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"No matter how you feel after an abortion, your feelings are all valid. There is no right or wrong way to feel."

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Anonymous : *pro lifer voice* OMG PAIGE YOUR MOM CHOSE LIFE AND YOU HAD ANOTHER BIRTHDAY OMFGGGG LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE (this is sarcasm) (happy birthday)

How I usually reply: “Yeah, my mom chose to give birth to me, just like she also chose to drive me to the clinic when I had my abortion.”

Also, thank you! :) - Paige

Anonymous : Should I wait until it's been a week after my period hasn't come to take an in home pregnancy test? Or? Also, happy birthday Paige! (I know it's weird to add that into a question I'm sorry.)

If you’re taking a normal pregnancy test, yes. If you’re taking first response, you can take that a few days before your period, or if you go get blood drawn, they can tell 6-8 days after ovulation!

Also, thank you love! - Paige

I just want to say thank you for all of the birthday wishes, you guys are seriously amazing! ❤️❤️ - Paige

xarmerus : Happy birthday Paige! :3 May this year bring you good fortune!

Thank you love! - Paige

feminism-fuck-yeah : HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! Hope you're having a spectacular day uwu

Thank you! I am quite enjoying the New England area! - Paige

blunk-182 : hbd paige ur my fave

omg you’re too sweet, thank you love! - Paige

tyrista-lumere : Happy birthday, to the admin of one of the best blogs around!~

Awe thanks love! - Paige

pro-choicer: here, these are nonbiased/scientific sources that prove that your claim is wrong
pro-choicer: but you're literally being proved wrong
anti-choicer: NO
pro-choicer: this is a prime example as to why your movement is completely based on emotions and not one bit on scientific fact
anti-choicer: YOU'RE WRONG ABORTION IS EVIL!!1!!1!!1

Anonymous : Happy birthday! :))

Thank you love! ❤️ - Paige


getting an abortion does not make you a bad or selfish person.