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This blog is here to defend all reproductive choices, help/support those who need it, provide information on comprehensive sexual education, and help provide people with resources for whatever choice they may choose.

**Our URL is not to say we are against those who are pro-life, it's about those who actively try to strip us of our reproductive rights they should not have a voice in this debate revolving around people's personal health care choices.
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"No matter how you feel after an abortion, your feelings are all valid. There is no right or wrong way to feel."

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Anonymous : Do you know of any documentaries about abortion besides 'After Tiller' that you recommend watching? (Huge win for me if it's available on Netflix). Lol thanks and have a lovely evening :)

Abortion specific? Hmmm.. I  watch a lot of documentaries so I am sure I’ll randomly come up with some more and add onto this post, but I can’t think of any right now. 

All I can think about is ‘jesus camp’, it has bits on abortion, it’s a doc on Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christians and their creepy youth camps.

As I was typing I just thought of ‘When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories’ That’s a really good one on why abortion needs to stay legal, It’s first hand accounts of abortion when it was illegal and a little back history on abortion, it’s not a netflix but I found it on Youtube 

Be careful when searching for abortion docs because there is a lot of pro life propaganda out there, so be weary of that. If anyone else has some good ones you can add on. -cylina

Anonymous : thanks!! i'm sure it'll come in handy. love you guys! :)

No problem!


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Anonymous : hey! this upcoming september i'm starting 9th grade, high school. i'm gonna have a health class, and in a way, i'm looking forward to the, oh so informative sex ed unit! (sarcasm. although i kinda am looking forward too it but ay lemme explain) like idk i'm just looking forward to arguing with the teacher even though i'll probably get in trouble. and i'm not sure if this is too much to ask, let me know if it is, but i want to be totally informed. what should i have as knowledge to backup my(1/2)

argument. i just wanna be rly informed so when i need to speak up, i know just what to say. i know u can’t link me to everything, but if you can just try and inform me because i don’t wanna be left without an argument and ur blog’s admins seem to be really reliable. thank you! love you guys xo

Hello, well this is pretty broad so if you have something specific you’d like to read about, let me know otherwise off the top of my head we have a 

I know I am missing a lot but these are all I can think of, they are all our own words (from some of the mods) that contain links. If you have anything more specific let me know. And good luck in high school!-cylina

Pro-Choice People: I want to hear your voice


This weekend, I’ll be heading down to Washington, DC to meet with Catholics For Choice and other Catholic pro-choice activists to discuss, well, all things faith and pro-choice! But before I go, I would love to hear your views and take some of these messages with me to share with the community.

If you would like to submit a message about why you’re a pro-choice Catholic, a pro-choice Christian, or a personal experience about abortion, send it through the ask box or the submit form


A new bill that will protect women’s access to health care in Massachusetts is headed to Governor Deval Patrick’s desk!


A new bill that will protect women’s access to health care in Massachusetts is headed to Governor Deval Patrick’s desk!

Anonymous : So for IUD youre supposed to stick your finger in your unterus to check if its in place. Do you have to do that? Like, if youre using it got non Birth Control purposes? Sticking my finger in myself is a no-no but I want to get a Mirena to lighten/stop periods.

You definitely do NOT place your fingers in your uterus. Every month, you can do a check to make sure it’s still in place by sticking a finger in your vagina and feeling for the string attached to the IUD which should be coming through your cervix.

If you’re uncomfortable with doing that, may I suggest looking into getting the arm implant (implanon and nexplanon)? It will also help lighten/eliminate your periods, it’s good for 3 years, and you don’t have to check inside your vagina. - Paige


Can we PLEASE stop idealizing and overly-romanticizing having a baby? Babies and reproduction are more complicated than little blessings from heaven. Taking care of a baby isn’t only joy and fantasy and love. That shit is the real deal. It requires money, time, patience, commitment — some things some people just aren’t in the place to give to someone else. You are alive right now, so you have a great perception of life. And if you happen to be someone who is trying for a baby, you’re probably in a good place to have one, so your views on living are better than most people. I literally do not understand folks who think ~life~ is the only requisite for a baby to be born. “At least it would have a life” is so bogus. Babies aren’t pets. They are humans with feelings and needs. When you can’t feed or be there for your toddler, what are you going to say? “At least you’re alive lol.” Yeah, no. Doesn’t work that way.

Anonymous : My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years, but we haven't had sex yet because I don't feel ready to. We do use other forms of stimulation (i.e. oral sex, our hands, etc.). We had a slip today and his penis came in contact with my perineum for just a second. I wiped it clean from the top of my vagina and down, but I'm still kind of nervous about some sperm slipping in. I've read that pregnancy in this case is highly unlikely, but is there any other information you can give me?

It’s very unlikely, but if you’re feeling worried, it’s never a bad idea to take some plan b! Also, it’s never a bad idea to start taking BC, not only will it help ease your mind if anything like that should happen again, but when you do decide to have sex, you’ll be covered! - Paige

curiousfeministslut : A girl I went to high school with got pregnant and everyone was so quick to blame her. Calling her names, saying she should have been more responsible. I never heard anyone say anything about her boyfriend at the time who got her pregnant and then left her. I heard people say, "Oh well she was trying to tie him down, she should have made him use something." It's like people forget that it takes two people to get pregnant. Just a random thought I needed to tell someone.

I hear this all the time. The blame is always always ALWAYS put on the pregnant person. It’s really upsetting. I hope she’s doing okay. ❤️ - Paige